Monday, March 4, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight: Fine Linen and Purple

Hello, Messy Wife readers!
We are Kendra and Emily, blogging over at Fine Linen and Purple.

Many of you might be familiar with us already, because Mandi has been a regular participant in our weekly link up, What I Wore Sunday. She and our many other participants blog each Sunday about dressing up for Mass: all while sharing tips about shopping on a budget, reflecting on the readings, asking for wardrobe advice, or sharing stories from the day. Now that we are in the midst of Lent, we are also hosting Lenten reflections each week along with our regular linkup. If you aren’t participating yet, please consider linking up, or just browsing through the many other blogs.

We have new posts each week about a variety of topics too, including faith, fashion, natural beauty, new feminism, confidence, shopping, and joyful everyday living. We also want to invite you to contribute as a guest poster to our blog! You can visit our guest post information page to see our list of upcoming blog topics: we are always looking for guest posters.

Our blog’s mission is to share messages of joy, beauty, fashion, and other women’s issues within the context of our faith. We don’t believe that a woman’s worth is measured in “attractiveness,” nor do we believe in playing down our looks in the name of “modesty.” Above all, Fine Linen and Purple is a blog about loving fashion and other related topics, without leaving our values behind. If this sounds like something you believe in too, we’d love to have you be part of our blog community :-)

Right now, we’re hosting a fabulous giveaway from Mandi and her new shop Blessed Life Boutique. Enter now over at our blog for a chance to win $70 worth of beautiful jewelry!

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