Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weekday Wardrobe: My Mom Uniform

 dress: Ross | jeggings: No nonsense | shoes: Payless
bracelet: Give Jewelry | awkwardness: God

Lord knows why I'm such an awkward poser; I've watched enough America's Top Model that I should be able to do a simple pose or two.  This is technically a dress, but it's a little short and I think it works a lot better as a tunic.  I'm aware those leggings are a bit baggy, but I kind of like them that way. 

This is my quintessential mama outfit.  Something comfy, stretchy and easy to play in.  I rarely wear jeans anymore, leggings are just so much more flexible and forgiving.  And to be honest, it's rare that anyone other than my family sees me on my days home.  This is a rare walk although I'm hoping the weather will continue to get warmer and they'll become more frequent.  Does anyone think it's just ridiculous spending more time getting a toddler in warm clothes than on the actual walk?


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