Friday, March 21, 2014

A Brew, An Apple, and a Busy Week #7QT

So, I had this crazy idea.  And I talked to a couple other bloggers and either A) they are crazy too or B) the idea wasn't so crazy after all.  Jenna (Call Her Happy), Carolyn (Svellerella), and I have created a Facebook group, The Catholic Brew, where we'll be sharing blog posts, random updates, articles we like and just plain old conversing with our readers.  And our readers can converse with each other.  Community, you know?  Interested in joining?  Click here.

Shabby Apple is basically my favorite store.  Never mind that I currently don't own anything from it.  I've been virtual window browsing for years.  But today, I buy!  There is a Shabby Apple sale on Zulily and because I hemmed and hawed and ended up not buying the jammies I raved about last week, I have a Zulily credit to apply to my order.  I'm thinking either the top middle one (Floral Neap Tide) or the top right (Yellow Tulleries).  Which one do you think?  There are about a million others on the page (and some skirts and tops), but I'm not even going to look anymore because I'm infamously indecisive and I do not need to have more in the running.  If you're in the market for some new wardrobe pieces, check out the sale here.

We have an uncharacteristically busy week coming up, starting tonight.  The plans include: a school play, our first Creighton class, a park play date with some out of state friends, the Ignited by Truth conference (where I'll get to hear our lovely host, Jen, give a few talks), a birthday party, and probably some other things I'm missing.  This may not seems like a lot for most people to do in a little over a week, but I'm a bit of a hermit, more by circumstance and laziness than real choice.  I'm looking forward to getting out and about, but not looking forward to paying babysitters. 

Other than a St. Patrick's Party on Monday (which I have a post brewing about), this week was a fairly slow week.  I've been really pleased with my productivity though.  I've done a ton of housecleaning and made my first corned beef and cabbage meal and even remembered to read liturgically themed books to Lucia (our St. Joseph books is probably way too advanced for her, but I read it while she was playing anyway).  Naps have been going better because I've been more diligent about making it happen.  (As we speak, I have two toddler napping simultaneously.  Super win!)  It has just felt so good to be productive and to end my day tired because I've been working hard.  I feel very much back in the swing of life and feel like perhaps our survival mode is coming to an end.  Thank the Lord!

Another thing that really brightened the week was the pregnancy loss support group I attended on Wednesday.  It sounds strange to say a group where women sit in a circle and talk about the loss of their children was a bright spot, but it really was.  It is very much out of my comfort zone to attend new groups of any kind, but I am so glad I forced myself to go.  I definitely see the work of the Holy Spirit in just getting me out the door.  The amount of support and courage and faith in that room was amazing.  Also, I came home with a couple new favorite scriptures.  I'm thinking of printing and framing my favorite:


I'm reading a book on Bl. Zelie Martin, the mother of St. Therese of Lisieux.  (This book, since several people have asked.)  I've found it extremely interesting, not only reading about her life and parenting but just learning a bit about the time she lived.  She went to visit her baby who was rooming in with the wet nurse!  I also found it fascinating and heartening that she married at age 27 and still had nine children.  And she was an entrepreneur with her own lace business and workers under her, a business she built before getting married.  That has to be somewhat rare in her day.  I think she'd be an incredible Patron Saint for working moms.

Several of you have recently asked how I'm doing in relation to my miscarriages.  Thank you all for your love and concern.  My automatic response is to say I'm doing ok and there are times when that's the truth.  I wrote this post on Sunday about how I was feeling at peace.  But then the last few days have been super tough.  In fact, I've spent most of today crying.  Thank goodness Lucia's friend Mary Margaret comes here on Fridays - they keep each other distracted and I don't think either noticed the crying.  

I'm not sharing this because I want kind words or sympathy.  I don't think there is anything that would really help at the moment.  I'm simply sharing this because I want to give an honest answer.  I don't want anyone to think, "Oh, she's doing so great a month later!" because I want you to know that if you've gone through something similar that it's ok to still be crying a month later.  I am.  I imagine that on special occasions or particular dates, I'll still find myself crying years from now.

Some people are able to heal more quickly.  If that describes you, I also don't want to you think, "What's wrong with me?  I should still be mourning!"  Because you shouldn't be doing anything specific.  There are no rules, ok?  Grieve how you grieve and give yourself permission to do so.  Easier said than done.  I'm working on it too. 

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  1. I'm glad you're giving yourself permission to feel how you feel. Take the space you need. I'm always praying for you.

  2. Totally joining that group, what a great idea.
    And now I'm headed to Zulily. Love love love shabby apple

  3. I say the floral one in the top middle :) I hope you enjoy the play! Charlie said the first act was the best one they have done yet!

  4. I LOVE that book about Bl. Zelie! And I'm definitely continuing to pray for you!


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