Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Five Favorite Usborne Books

I'm hosting an online Usborne Book party right now and I thought this would be a great time to share how much I love Usborne book!

La cama grande de SofĂ­a

My favorite Usborne book is this little Spanish book. It's the cutest little book about a little girl who is nervous about leaving her crib for a bed. We read it all the time especially now that Lucia is just transitioning to her big girl bed. We also sent it to our goddaughter who is a month younger than Lucia and her name is...Sofia! (And she speaks Spanish.) I also love that this book isn't a board book, but the pages are much thicker than regular pages so they can't be torn by toddler fingers. I know not all of you speak Spanish, but if you do, as a mom and a former Spanish teacher, I love the Spanish books offered by Usborne!

Sticker Books

Lucia has this sticker book and LOVES it.  A little birdie told me she might be getting the Easter First Sticker book and the Colors Sticker book in her Easter basket.  I also have my eye on the wipe off books.  In fact, Usborne has about a million activity books that I have my eye on.
Lucia has the First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life and loves it.  The Usborne non-fiction books are awesome for curious toddlers and (I hear) homeschooling.  David can't wait to use several of the science titles with Lulu once she gets a bit older.

 Story Collections

These two are on my wish list, but there are so many other collections of pirate stories and princess stories and stories for boys and stories for girls and some illustrated classics.  Gorgeous books for your bookshelf!

Patterns Coloring Books

Is it embarrassing to admit that I want these coloring books for me? I love coloring to relax but the simple little cartoons in Lucia's coloring books don't do it for me.  I adore just coloring patterns.  And lo and behold, there are whole coloring books of them.  Art Deco and Art Nouveau and Christmas Patterns.  I want them all!

If you want to chat with Molly (of Molly Makes Do) and me about books, the live party is on Facebook on Saturday at 9 EST.  You can RSVP here.  You can buy these and other Usborne books through my party link here.

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  1. The Usborne books look adorable. I would love to see the Classic Stories for Little Children. What stories are in there? and the Animal Stories?

    1. The Classic stories contain an introduction to "The Wind in the Willows, The Wizard of Oz, The Secret Garden, The Railway Children and Heidi."


      Animal Stories contains "Includes “The Little Red Hen” and “The Lion and the Mouse” as well as magical African and Indian folktales."



    2. Animal Stories --> How Elephants Lost their Wings, The Lion and the Mouse, Brer Rabbit and the Blackberry Bush, The Little Red Hen, and The Little Giraffe


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