Friday, March 14, 2014

Whispering Random Nothings of Fridays and St. Patrick and Books and Everything, Like, Such As #7QT

Name that titular reference to pop culture and we might just be able to be friends. 

Have I ever mentioned that David uses a different nickname pretty much every time he addresses Lucia and me?  It's very obvious that he makes them up on the spot.  Sometimes they are really cute and sweet, other times  they are...questionable.  The other night he asked, "Can you help me move Lady Longtail to her bed?"  Still not sure how I feel about that one.

I finally took my sewing machine out of the box.  I got it for Christmas...of 2012.  I've been wanting to learn to sew since I was a little girl but have felt like I just haven't had the time to devote to learning the basics.  Well, no more.  I figured it would be helpful for me to have a hobby to keep me busy over the next year or so while we wait to conceive again.  I think that women have an innate desire to create and if we are not able to create life, it's helpful to channel that creativity into other areas.  I feel like I still have to get several of the "sewing things" (scissors and needles and bobbins and thread and fabric...and...and...) before I can start but it is going to happen soon

I have a post brewing about the Eminem/Rihanna song "Love the Way You Lie".  In many ways, this post is several years in the making and I've started writing it several times, but I've never quite completed it.  I've not talked much about it, but I was in a very damaging relationship for years while I was in college, and while it's not something I often talk about, I still sometime notice the scars I carry with me.  Years ago, I started a Broken series about damaging relationships.  That series has been collecting dust, but I'm feeling ready to finally share my own story.

Fridays are my favorite weekday.  Mostly because Laura's Mary Margaret spends the day with us.  (Laura's blogging again, so check it.)  I've been asking some advice from other moms recently because Lucia is so needy-needy, clingy-clingy all the time and I can't get anything done during the day because I can't be more than an inch and a half away from her at all times.  From what I gathered, it's pretty common for firstborns to be this way though, obviously, temperament plays into it a bit.  Anyway, when Mary Margaret is here, Lucia is very content playing with terrorizing her all day and mama gets a little bit of a break.  So win-win all around there.  It gives me a little taste of what it would be like to have two kids close together in age (as much as 8 hours a week can give you any real indication of anything - I'm fairly certain I get all the benefits and none of the difficulties in those 8 hours) and I have to agree with the many people who have told me that the best way to stop your child from being so dependent is to give them a sibling to play with.  Not helpful advice, but seemingly accurate. 

Another reason I love Friday is probably the reason most people like Friday - it's almost the weekend!  I've heard a lot of people snicker when stay-at-home moms say they like the weekends, because isn't every day a weekend for a stay-at-home mom?  Ha ha.  Ha ha ha ha.  Not quite.  Plus, I just miss my husband every second he's at work and summer cannot come soon enough.  Every day all day with him sounds like heaven.  

I look forward to the weekend even when I don't have any plans, but this weekend is looking to be better than most.  Sunday is my birthday and tomorrow David is treating me to a spa day while he watches Lucia and does the taxes.  I usually insist that David gets me nothing or next to nothing for my birthday because, even though my love language is gifts, I hate the thought of money being spent on me.  But this year I relented.  I have a feeling that I'm not going to be thinking about the money spent as my worries are massaged away.

If you are looking for some St. Patrick's Day picture books, here are three we're enjoying right now:

(Not affiliate links.  If you are going to order any of these through, please click through the blog of your favorite blogger with Amazon affiliates before making your purchase.  It's a great way to support a blogger without doing anything you wouldn't already do.  Let me know if you'd like a list of my favorite bloggers who have Amazon affiliates.)

Speaking of books, I'm hosting an Usborne Book party online.  My friend Molly of Molly Makes Do recently became an Usborne consultant and when she asked me about doing the party I couldn't think of a reason why I wouldn't want to share my favorite book company with friends.  I really am not exaggerating when I say that I absolutely love Usborne books.  Lucia has several, including her favorite ever sticker book (and a little birdie told me she's going to be getting the Easter Sticker book in her Easter basket).  If you'd like to join the Facebook event to ask questions, learn more about Usborne, get personalized book recommendations from Molly, and possibly win prizes, you can RSVP here.  Or shop my party at the Usborne website here

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  1. Have you ever watched Everybody Loves Raymond? There's an episode where Ray realizes that he never calls Debra by the same name twice - it's so funny!
    I "borrowed" my mom's sewing machine when I moved out. And it's never left the box she packed it in. We should have a game night/sewing night soon!

    Soon soon soon, for realsies. No, really, K?

  2. Landon has been really needy/clingy lately too, and I'm wondering if perhaps they sense we need a little extra loving'…ya know?

  3. A lot of people have commented similarly - if the miscarriages and me being under the weather and all have contributed to it, but she's been like this for well over a year. I just assumed she would outgrow it at some point and it was just a "stranger danger" kind of thing as a baby. But seems like it's here to stay.

  4. Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy your massage!

    Regarding #4, well yes, having siblings does help with clinginess, but so does just time and age. In another year, I bet she will be way less clingy and needy, whether she has another sibling or not. And, it's always hardest with the oldest anyway....even if you were going to have another baby soon, it would still be a year before the baby was old enough to play, so Lucia would likely be clingy all the same, and I'm betting it's better in a year, just because she'll be older.

  5. I love Usborne too and am a consultant. I did it just to get the awesome discount. Best wishes to Molly in her new adventures. I have had a lot of fun!

    Re: clinginess in 2-year olds. I have the opposite problem, so I am wondering if it is just temperament and maybe it will get better. Elizabeth runs away from me every chance she gets in public (and at home as well). Literally, carts and strollers are a necessity! :) So let's pray for each other, okay? Maybe there individual personalities will mellow a bit and we will get to experience a good balance. :)

    1. Thanks Joy! I did it for the same reason (I figure I can try it out for awhile and if nothing else I'll have gotten a lot of great books for my family and friends!)

  6. I love what you said about needing a creative outlet when not creating life. It's a beautiful way to look at it!

  7. I agree soo much about the creating things - I did so many craft projects in the month after my last MC it was almost ridiculous! I was actually soo thankful that Cari was doing the embroidery project and Hailey let me make the hobbit cloack just so I had something to keep me busy!

  8. #2 -that is so insightful! I'm going to ponder that for awhile. I think there's so much truth in it and I've never thought of it before.

  9. Thank you for the Blog shout out (can always use the extra readers)!! MM has been showing off her "pitty" nails all weekend :) Thanks for all you do and I'm glad we can give Lulu someone to terrorize!


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