Saturday, March 1, 2014

So this is motherhood.

Everyday, I look at my daughter and I wish I could freeze time.  Every day since the day she was born.  Each day, each new milestone, each new word or phrase or like or dislike, each stage is my favorite.  I loved the days when she was a tiny milky newborn and I love these days when tantrums are common but so too are cuddles.  Will this end, this loving each age?  Will there be a time when I wish I could hold her as a baby again or kiss the knee of my clumsy toddler?

I imagine so.  After all, someday she'll grow up.  She'll be an adult.  She'll move out into the world on her own.  My sweet girl.  My baby.  

She's beautiful, isn't she?  She's also the one who's taught me most about God's love.  It's incredible how you can look into the face of a child and see the face of God staring back at you.  She's so innocent.  She's so good.  She hasn't yet learned the hardships of suffering or the chains of sin.  She knows so little of Christ and yet she loves Him so much more that I.  "The faith of a child."  I never understood it until I knew her.

I wonder at what age my life became more complicated.  At what age did kisses stop healing all wounds?  How many more years do I have before I have to feel the heartache of a mother who must watch as her child is battered by the world?    

"Just appreciate the child you do have," they say.  Oh, but I do!  How could I not?  I know that I am greatly blessed.  I watch her play.  I hold her in my arms.  I read her stories and sing to her.  And in return she teaches me how to love.  How could I ever repay her for all she has done for me?  I could try all my life and still never be deserving of the great gift that she is. 


photos by Dandy Little Lens Photography (Northern Colorado)

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  1. What beautiful pictures! I, too, also love every age. I'm not one to tear up on birthdays or milestones wondering "where my baby went" or to want to hurry things along quicker than God does.

    I have a great relationship with my own mother, who has also just enjoyed the ride, but I did see it lately when I reminded her I was turning 30 this year. She told me she's not quite ready to accept that her youngest child will be 30!

    Watching your kid get 'battered by the world' can be tough, but at the same time, you may get to watch them conquer it head-on with all of the great things you taught her.


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