Friday, March 28, 2014

Blog Posts You've Been Dying for Me to Write (Blog Post Idea Generators to Beat Writer's Block) #7QT

I was having a bit of writer's block last night so I decided to get some help from some blog post idea generators.  Please take a gander at all the blog posts I could possibly write and if you so choose, you can "vote" for your faves in the comments and I may just have to oblige you in the next few weeks.  And if you're feeling a bit a writer's block yourself, you are welcome to steal any of these ideas and/or visit the generators themselves.

Save Your Marriage Using Only Cooking
An interesting proposition. I can't say that my marriage is in need of saving, but an experiment in how stepping up my efforts in the kitchen affects our marital bliss couldn't hurt. 

Lucia's Eating Habits
Well, she basically doesn't eat so this post might be short.
(This is obviously just for the mommy blogger but an added fun element is that you can submit ideas to be included in the Blogatron 2000.)

Think You're Cut Out For Doing Books? Take This Quiz
Doing books? Also known as reading.  Quick version: 
Are you human? 
Do you know how to read? 
If you answered yes to both, you are cut out for doing books!
(If you're wondering, the three nouns I put in were faith, toddlers, and books.)

You know what's great about butter?
I think this is the perfect title for introducing my readers to my poetry skills.
(If you are feeling like something completely random.)

Shoveling yourself out on a snowy day.
I don't think those of you who have had a horrible winter would appreciate a post like this from someone living in North Carolina.  But I can imagine a hilarious vlog "how to" shot on a hot, sunny day.  Well, hilarious if you're not currently snowed in somewhere else in the country.  Sorry, Dwija.

Our Shame and Nakedness
Not a generator, but I love this idea from Internet Business Mastery to search a topic on Amazon, choose an interesting book that pops up, and steal the chapter titles as topic ideas.  These awesome ideas are from the table of contents of Prayer: Our Deepest Longing.  (I searched "prayer".)  I also happen to have this book on my wish list now so it was totally a win-win - found great content to write and great content to read.

While we're talking blogs, check out this post by my friend Haley about setting a tone of charity on your blog.  She's so right on and, as always, super inspirational. 


One of my favorite bloggers, Rosie, has a giveaway up for a Lilla Rose hair accessory from yours truly.  Enter here.

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  1. These are so hilarious! I half woke up the baby trying not to laugh. I want to see them all bust especially all of number 3. By "your boss" I'm going to assume they mean Lucia.

    1. I was thinking that one was actually impossible because of the "boss" issue. (And last year, my boss was a religious sister and I feel like I have no idea what she didn't already know about faith and would like to.) But I very much like your take on it - Lucia is my boss (though don't tell her!) for all intentional purposes and mostly she wants to know what Juju has owies (on our crucifixes).

  2. Can I steal "You know what's great about butter"? It'll be a short post though..... "Everything is about butter is great"

    1. Steal away, my friend! I was thinking of taking a poetic/informative approach:

      "Thou may use it to take off a wedding ring,
      from the finger fat from eating everything."

      And so on and so forth.

  3. These look awesome! And just in time for me to plan my April calendar!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. "Save Your Marriage Using Only Cooking" is something that I would click on. Not that my marriage needs to be saved, either, but the phrasing is promising!

  5. Oh man, I love "doing books" :P And also, what exactly is the "Toddlers Industry?" Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure I'm in it...

  6. I had no idea there were even such things as blog topic generators. For some reason, I find that really funny in itself, but these generations are just. hilarious. I love doing books!


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