Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Five Faves: Pretty PJs, Missing Tails, & a Big Girl Bed

I had a wonderful, beautiful day yesterday.  It was nothing special; in fact, Lucia was sick and I was a bit exhausted from being up with her all night.  But we we able to go on a walk in the beautiful sunny, warm weather, I was able to read much of the day in front of the open window, and I was feeling more hopeful and joyful than I have felt in quite some time.  It feels like the fog has lifted and we are entering a more peaceful season as a family.  While I'm in such a joyous mood, I thought I might join Hallie's Five Favorites share a few things that have been making me smile recently. 

- one -
 Darling Sleepwear

Are these not the cutest jammies ever?  They remind of something hostess Hallie would love.  I've been in the market for some new pajamas for a while now but I'm so picky that I can never find anything I like.  I am always window shopping at Zulily for jammies and other wardrobe basics (I have a $20 credit burning a hole in my pocket) and these are by far the best I've ever seen. I probably should get something a little more practical, but my birthday is coming up this weekend so maybe I should just splurge a little?

- two -
Pooh Bear & Missing Tails

I am pleased to share that reading Winnie-the-Pooh with Lucia is going quite well.  The first few days, her attention span wasn't much but it's increased each day and she certainly is remembering parts of the story.  One funny conversation from reading the other day:

I was reading the part where Pooh notices Eeyore lost his tail.
Lucia: Poor Eeyore! Loss his tay-oh!
Me: What a good friend Pooh is for offering to look for it!
Lucia: (patting her bum frantically) Oh no! I loss my tay-oh too! Mommy, where my tay-oh?

Randomly while at a church potluck last Saturday night, she remembered her missing tail and announced it a very loud, very upset voice.  You should have seen the look on the face of the woman sitting at our table.  She was horrified.  Good thing it didn't come up that we plan to homeschool because I'm fairly certain she thought I teach my child that humans have tails.

- three -
Surprising Myself

Have you ever found something you enjoyed doing by accident?  A while back, I had someone ask if I would do a review/giveaway of Lilla Rose hair accessories.  I loved them, especially my headband.  Then I lost it.  When I contacted my consultant, Anjanette, asking if there were any sales/promotions because I would be ordering a new one, she mentioned that there was free shipping on the sign up kits, maybe I was interested in becoming a consultant so I could get a discount for myself?  So I did.  I had no intention of doing anything with it other than throwing up a little button on my blog and buying for my own friends and family.  But then I made a Facebook page and before I knew it I had signed up to sell at my church's Christmas Bazaar.  I am not a sales person.  Not at all.  I would never imagine myself doing this.  But I'm having so much fun!  And yet I think, "I sell hair accessories for a direct sales company," and it still sounds so silly.  That's not me!  That's not something I would like doing!  But it is and I do.  Weird.
- four -
Big Girl Bed

Lucia recently helped David convert her crib into a toddler bed.  She was so happy to help Daddy and use tools.  She was not as enthused about her "big girl bed".  David's has still been putting her down at night in our bed and then we've been moving her to her room after she's fallen asleep.  But on Monday night, she asked to go to sleep in her own bed! She has a cold, so she came into our room before too long, but it's a start!  I miss having her in our bed sometimes, but I'm really enjoying the extra space.

- five -
Our Local Library

A few days ago, I went on the library website and requested 20+ Easter picture books for Lucia, mostly using this list and this one as a guide.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many books from those lists the library carried.  I threw in a few St. Patrick's books too for good measure.  I had wanted to get some St. Joseph books in light of his feast day next week but alas, there were none.   I still need to order a Stations of the Cross book for Lucia (our library didn't have any), so maybe I'll see if I can find a nice St. Joseph one to add as well.


  1. I think you should definitely get those Jammies! Treat yourself!! You've earned it!

  2. Annnnd I just realized I sent this from Charlie's google account. Well, you know whose house it's coming from :)

  3. Adorable jams!!! :)

  4. Those pajamas are super cute! Happy birthday a few days early, and yes, I think you should treat yourself! Love the missing tail story! That's so cute!

  5. Just bought myself a new pair of PJs....thanks for the share!! :) -Charlene from


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