Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 57)

--- 1 ---

I have a very urgent prayer request.  My mom had surgery on Monday to remove cancerous lymph nodes in her neck.  She was sent home Wednesday, but my dad had to take her back to the hospital yesterday because she was having difficulty breathing and was told that she has an infection.  It's been very scary for our family and I've been having a particularly difficult time since I can't be there.  Please pray that she fights off the infection quickly and can go home soon.

--- 2 ---
Did you see the guest post I put up earlier this week, Open to Life, A New Perspective.  It's a really beautiful piece written about how being open to life is so much more than following the Church's teachings on birth control.  And in a grander sense, it's about God challenging us to do even more especially when we already feel like we are conforming to his will.  

--- 3 ---

My husband finally graduates on Sunday!  It's hard to believe that when we met a little over four years ago, he was preparing to graduate with his bachelor's degree.  Now he's graduating with his Ph.D.  So much has happened in the meantime including marriage, two moves to two different states, and having a baby.  It makes me wonder where we'll be in four years.

--- 4 ---

Reading this post, "Choosing my children over my phone", hit a cord with me.  I'm rarely on the phone, but I am constantly on the computer and I do feel like I haven't been spending enough time with my daughter and husband.  Does this resound with you?  Do you have any tips for stepping away from the virtual and into the real world.

--- 5 ---

Our trip to Chicago has been amazing!  Our cousin's kids (ages 5 and 7) absolutely love their little cousin Lucia.  They have been showing her off to friends, playing with her and "helping" with diaper changes.  So sweet.  This week has also been full of firsts for Lulu.  She had her first taste of food, a little avocado from mommy's finger while we were making guacamole for Cinco de Mayo (she seemed to like it).  She had her first (and second!) trip tot the zoo.  She had her first carousel ride (see picture below - I think it tells it all. 

--- 6 ---

I love these beautiful thoughts on A Mother's Prayer.  It's important to remember that with all we do to care for our children physically and emotionally, nothing is more important than how we care for them spiritually.

--- 7 ---

I have two great giveaways going on right now: One is for a product of choice (within select options) from Catholic Family Gifts.  The other is a cloth diaper package with a Baby Babü cloth diaper and Rockin' Green detergent.  

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  1. I'm impressed she's holding on, on the carousel! Lol! Glad you are having fun with your cousins, and I'm keeping your mother in my prayers! 

  2. Will definitely pray for your Mom!

    Congrats to your husband on his graduation! What a huge accomplishment.

    And I love that picture of Lucia on the carousel, hilarious!

  3. Mandi! You won the raffle I hosted for Declan. You won the Kindle Fire! Congratulations!!!

  4.  Yeah, she's holding on for dear life though! I guess she doesn't realize yet that she's daddy's princess and he would never let anything happen to her!


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