Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Take 59)

--- 1 ---

I have started a new blog series, Broken: rising above damaging relationshipsIt's come to my attention recently that (unfortunately) my past abusive, self-esteem crushing relationship is not unique, but that discussing it with other women with similar experiences has been healing for me and perhaps could prevent other young women from getting into those situations in the future.  If you think you would like to contribute (you can do so anonymously if you wish), please read the post for details.  And of course, pass on information on the series to any women you think may benefit from it.

--- 2 ---
I wrote a guest post earlier this week over at Truly Rich Mom.  It's part of her "Amazing Grace for Moms" series and is on motherhood and patience, obedience, and dependence.  I think this series is wonderful, who doesn't need a reminder of God's grace in our daily lives?

--- 3 ---

I took blogging easy this week because I was engrossed in The Hunger GamesI seriously loved them!  I think there is going to be an upcoming post about The Hunger Games vs. Twilight, especially regarding how love is portrayed.  Now that I'm done, I've been looking for my next great fiction book (I'm always in the middle of a non-fiction book or two, can't ever just read one book at a time!), and I've gotten a few suggestions for The Ender's Game so that's what I'll probably go with.  I am curious for some other suggestions though (and I really do like almost all genres) since I get most of my books through Paperback Swap and I need to put them on my wish list long before I plan to actually read them.  So, what is the last book you couldn't put down?

--- 4 ---

As swimsuit season begins, I found 8 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy A Swimsuit Online very helpful.  I'm not a big fan of bikinis and post-baby, I have to say that I can't wear a bikini again anyway, but it's so difficult to find nice one-pieces (or tankinis) in-store.  I especially love the specific store recommendations based on customer-friendly return policies!  While we are talking about swimsuits, here's a great piece on addressing whether bikinis are appropriate for little girls.

--- 5 ---

Right after reading these two pieces on swimsuits, I noticed there is currently 30% off and free shipping at Lands' End If you already read the online swimsuit shopping guide above, you'd know that's one of the stores recommended because of their great sizing guide and return policy.  And that's not the first time I heard of them, I heard of them previously as the place to go for modest swimsuits for women and little girls; they truly have a ton of options!  They can be pricey, but at 30% off, I would say their prices are very comparable.  I'm not really in the place to buy anything until David gets a job, so I'm just going to keep wearing the maternity suit I bought last year (I promise, it doesn't look like a maternity suit without a belly to stretch it out!), but if you are looking for a swimsuit, take a look.  Oh, and if you buy through Ebates (it's a online shopping cash back program - if you don't have it already and shop online even occasionally, you have to get it!), you get an 6% cash back for Memorial Day weekend (usually it's only 3% cash back from Lands' End).

--- 6 ---

I thought that taking a more natural approach to obstetric and gynecological care by using a midwife and birth center meant that I would have support using NFP.  No such luck.  The midwives asked me several times during and after pregnancy about which birth control I planned to use and warned me that NFP is not reliable in the postpartum period.  So I was really excited to see this piece on How to find an NFP friendly doctor.  I think I'll wait until we find out where we'll be be for good before I change doctors, but I can't wait to have a doctor that is supportive of my family planning decisions.

--- 7 ---

I've had blissfully trouble-free breastfeeding since Lucia was born.  I was prepared with breastfeeding books, the number to La Leche League and a local breastfeeding support group, and made sure that the pediatrician we picked had several lactation consultants on staff.  Thankfully I didn't need those resources, but I am so grateful that they were there had I needed them and that they are able to help other women get through their breastfeeding difficulties.  My friend Kendra recently wrote a blog post about her breastfeeding struggles and I think she was brave to do so!  I hope her story might help other breastfeeding moms out there know that they are not along in experiencing problems and that with determination, you can work through them!  I know that breastfeeding is different with each child, so I hope to be able to turn to Kendra for support if I have any troubles with subsequent babies.

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  1. Looking forward to your series.
    I absolutely loved the Hunger Games.  And the movie. Amazing.

  2. Catholic Cookie JarMay 25, 2012 at 11:09 AM

    I loved the Hunger Games!!! Thanks for sharing the swimsuit article.  After all of the recent articles/blog posts I think I've decided to go with a tankini or one piece this summer, but I haven't been able to find anything I like in the stores.  I will have to try ordering one online.  

  3. I highly recommend for good tankinis if you're buying online. One of my sisters who got extremely frustrated swimsuit shopping found this company and has been really happy with her suit from them! I've never bought from Land's End, but I have heard really good things about them too.

    Thanks for sharing my post!

  4. Lands' End rocks my world.  Seriously.

    Regarding #1, has some resource lists that you might find helpful.

  5. Oh I'm a bit late, but you really should read Ender's Game! I've read that and Speaker for the Dead and they are both wonderful. You'll enjoy them I'm sure!


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