Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (86)

--- 1 ---

I'm looking for advice on long distance relationships.  I've had many readers over the years ask for advice, knowing that David and I were long distance for two years before we got married.  I've been dragging my feet writing that post because I don't feel like I really have that much advice.  I have a few ideas that pertained to our specific situation, but each relationship is different and I'd love to offer a variety of tips and strategies that will work in various situations and for people of various temperaments.  If you have been in a long distance relationship and have some advice to share, please click over here and fill out the form with your tips.  They may be featured in a future post.

--- 2 ---

I have a guest post today over at Fine Linen and Purple about putting a little spark back into your marriage by dressing for your husband Here's a sneak peek:
In a book I’m currently reading (Bringing Up Bébé), the author, an American raising her children in France, notes that the French don’t understand the concept of “date night”. 

“Date night, with it’s implied sudden switch from sweatpants to stilettos, sounds contrived to my French friends.  They take issue with the implication that “real life” is unsexy and exhausting and that they should schedule romance like it’s a trip to the dentist...continue reading at Fine Linen and Purple

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I have a giveaway going on right now for fellow Catholic blogger Kathleen Basi's newest book, This Little Light of Mine: Living the BeatitudesI really enjoyed the book (you can read my full review here). 

--- 4 ---

I cannot believe that the biggest snowstorm of this winter was in spring.  And not even the beginning of spring but mid-April! We had 2.5 snow days at school, which I normally would be really excited about but we were doing the big "Spanish Market" event with the students.  Murphy's Law at it's best.  The snow is super beautiful though and we really, really need the moisture here to try to avoid a major drought (and probably a lot of wildfires) this summer.  Having a snow day Wednesday also gave us the blessing of having a family day together because David and I otherwise wouldn't have had any days off together this week.

And guess what?  The forecast calls for more snow on Monday!  Although I've lived in Colorado for 15 years (not including the two years I lived in Indiana and North Carolina) and it has snowed in May a few times, so I really shouldn't be so surprised.  I guess it's just a readjustment after living in gorgeous North Carolina last year.  It was routinely in the 50s and 60s during the winter and lightly snowed once.  

--- 5 ---

Did you see that David wrote a post for me this week?  It was random facts about me, so head over to learn about me from my loved one's perspective.  I also wrote a heartfelt post about what it means to me to finally have a sister

--- 6 ---

Last week I mentioned we would hear back today about a job opportunity for David.  He applied for Teach For America and we found out today that he has been put on the "wait list".  We weren't sure that Teach For America was best for our family and were prepared for an answer either way.  We were just so happy that for once we knew he would hear back from a job he applied for and had a particular day that we would get an answer.  Well, that backfired since he once again didn't get a "yes" or a "no" but a "maybe".  So frustrating!  We're going to treat it as a "no" and just move on. 

--- 7 ---

Could you please pray that a job comes up for David soon?  Thanks!

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  1. Just filled out your form about long distance relationships. My husband and I are going on 4+ years. We got married a year and a half ago and he left 2 days after the wedding to go to work for a week out of town before coming home again so we could go on our honeymoon. The long distance should end soon though!

  2. Will add this prayer intention to our family's list today. Prayers that a job will come your way soon. Thanks for sharing the book title. I am headed to Amazon to get it. I think it would be helpful with all we are dealing with here. Blessings. Have a great week. Mary Lenaburg

  3. I'll keep your husband's job search in my prayers. That must be so hard to wait.

  4. That sounds so difficult. Ours was 2 years but we've never spent more than a week apart since we got married!

  5. Thank you! I'm sure you'll love the book!

  6. Thanks so much, Rita! The waiting is the hardest part. We know he'll get a good job eventually, it would just be so much easier to know when the end will be even if it weren't for a while.


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