Monday, April 29, 2013

WIWS: A few new additions & a naughty, naughty toddler

  skirt: Talbots | shirt: can't see it anyway, so who cares?
baby carrier: c/o Boba | headscarf: gifted | shoes: Payless

The clothes I wore to Mass yesterday weren't nearly as noteworthy as my two new additions: a baby carrier and head covering.  I've covered my head before for Latin Masses before but not for the Ordinary Form.  I've been thinking about wearing one for a while and when I received this lovely scarf from my best friend for my birthday (purchased from Turkey), I thought I might as well try it out.  I was a little worried about calling attention to myself at Mass, but I think the screaming toddler did a much better job at that than a head scarf.

Our Boba was an attempt to keep Lucia happy, but it came off about five minutes into Mass.  I was sent the Boba to review and I have been amazed by how much Lucia loves it.  We hadn't babyworn (is that a word?) since she was maybe six months old in her Moby so I was afraid she wouldn't like it.  Well she does.  As long as I'm moving.  But standing/sitting in a pew?  Apparently it elicits wild animal howls.  Although, to be fair, the howling at the moon didn't end when I took her out.  It didn't really end until we walked out the front doors after Mass.  David and I decided to give her a Mass grade of 5% which was only that high because she did put her hands together to pray for about 30 seconds toward the end of Mass and crossed herself with holy water (and then proceeded to scream because she wanted to do it again.  and again.)  Yeah, it was a rough day.  (The picture above was taken before Mass and she already had a sour face.  We should have known.)  We contemplated leaving halfway through Mass and spent the entire time camped out in the lobby but we made it through.  It's days like that when I contemplate going to a different church so I don't have to see all my students and their parents staring and me and my screaming toddler.  Ugh.

By the by, I'm guest hosting "Trendy Tot Tuesday" tomorrow, so head back to link up a post about your stylish little one (doesn't have to be a tot, a child of any age is great!) or just to check out the cute fashion mavens in the making.

I'm linking up to Fine Linen and Purple's What I Wore Sunday linkup.  Check it out for more church attire inspiration.


  1. I too have considered starting to wear a head covering for Mass so it is awesome to see someone else just jump right into it.

  2. I have that same Boba! We haven't done babywearing at mass since about 6 months, too. I'm working on using the Boba for back carries so we can go on hikes. Your skirt is fabulous. Sorry about your screaming toddler. It's weird that kids are so different, since our girl is getting so much better at being in mass now.


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