Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why I Love My Husband (vol 9)

It's been a while since I wrote one of these posts.  Almost a year actually.  The last time I wrote one, we were living in North Carolina, Lucia was not yet six months, David hadn't graduated yet, and I was starting to substitute teach.  A lot has changed since then and so have my reasons for loving my husband!  Well, there is always "the reasons", but the day to day, the reminders of why he's my perfect match take many different forms.  Here are a few of the recent ones:

He helped my dad pull down two trees after one blew into our house.  (Don't worry, it was a skinny dead aspen that only damaged the rain gutter.)  I love seeing him do manly stuff like that.  And seeing him helping and learning from my dad is awesome. 

David had a rose waiting for me when I got home from work Monday.  For no reason!

He helps me grade papers.  That's right, one of the worst parts of teaching without any of the benefits, and he does it willingly!  Because he loves me :)

The bond between Lucia and her daddy is so obvious.  He's such an involved father.  Watching them together, you can just tell that he truly loves the time they spend together.  Even the less loveable moments (and there is increasingly more of those as she enters toddlerdom).  Yep, he's in love with his little girl.

He reads and edits my blog posts. 

On days he's home with Lucia, I come home to clean, put away laundry, a made bed, groceries in the fridge and dinner on the table.  On days I'm home with Lucia, he comes home to overflowing hampers, trips on toys as he walks through the door, can't find a speck of food to eat in the house, and the bed is certainly not made.  (Well, maybe I'm overexaggerating a little bit.)
David makes my lunch and Lucia's lunch when we work/go to the babysitter.

On Friday, we somehow lost Lulu's gloworm, Zoe, while leaving David's brother's apartment.  So David spent hours on Sunday going to three stores to find a replacement.  The first two stores only had the blue.  Lucia had to have the pink.  What to know the irony of it all?  We went to the grocery store five minutes from our home after he got back and what was in the toy aisle but a pink gloworm!  But he didn't complain one bit.  Nope, not at all.    

He consistently wakes up at 3:00 in the morning to go to work to provide for our family.  He's a morning person, but 3:00 is still middle of the night, not morning!

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  1. When my mom was a teacher I used to help her grade papers (I was in high school and thought it was "fun"). My mom also had a friend (who wasn't a teacher but also found grading fun) who used to meet her at starbucks and they would have grading parties. Sometimes my mom just gave her the papers to grade over the weekend and she bought all these special supplies: paperclips, a box, pens/markers to grade and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

    Man the only time I see 3:00am is when I can't sleep and am still awake. I can't imagine having to get up at 3 to be functional and work! Props to David!


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