Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why I Blog

I started blogging on October 2010, three months after I married my sweet husband, David.

David and I met in March 2008.  In August of that year, he moved out of state to start graduate school.  I thought a long distance relationship would never last. 

 We got engaged in July 2009 and married one year and one day later, just after I graduated from college. 

When we married, I moved out of state to be with him.  I loved never having to say goodbye to my husband.

  But I was unexpectedly lonely. For the first time, I was far from family and friends, in a new place where I could only venture to the grocery story without getting lost.  Not only that, I was figuratively in a new place as well.  I was the first of my friends to marry.  I felt all alone. So I started my blog. 

Those first few months of blogging were such a blessing, especially as struggling with the decision of whether or not to try to conceive.  It wasn't something I could talk about with my single friends.  They had the same view of motherhood that I had when I was single, just a few months before: that we should wait to get pregnant until my husband graduated, got a good job, and we bought a house.  But being married changed my heart and we unexpectedly found ourselves eager to become parents.  And a few months later, we were on our way:

When I became pregnant, blogging became about something bigger.

My husband and I were in this together, so I didn't exactly feel alone.  But I felt inexperienced.

 Through blogging, I connected with other young moms.  I found answers to my burning questions on pregnancy and motherhood.

 I found other women that were just as intimidated and inspired by motherhood as I was.

This blog has gotten me through unexpected hardships and the winding road of life.  

We've made two moves since my blog began.  From Indiana to North Carolina when my husband's graduate adviser moved unexpectedly.  I was five months pregnant.  

After my husband graduated last May, we moved back to Colorado (and in with my parents) while he continues his job search. 

Since becoming a mother, my blog has changed and so has my reason for blogging.  It's still a source of incredible community with other women, but now it's also become somewhat of a love letter to my family.

I celebrate the beauty of motherhood.  

The gift of life.

The love of family.

I record the little moments, holding on to them, as she grows...

And grows...

I seek advice.

I share what works for us.

The joys of motherhood.

The  blessings of marriage.

The hardships too.

I blog because this life is too big not to share.
My life is messy, but I am so, so blessed.
Thank you for living life with me here at Messy Wife, Blessed Life.


  1. Such a sweet post. :) Love the precious pictures.

  2. This is so sweet, Mandi!:) You are one beautiful, blessed family, and I admire you and David so much!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! Both in they way you said it (poetic) and the pictures. Kind of made me realize I don't have great shots like those with my new husband and growing baby belly


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