Thursday, April 4, 2013

Go ahead, ask!

One of the hardest things about blogging (in my opinion)?  Writing "about me" sections.  Either the main one on this blog or those short little bios on the bottom of guest posts.  Of course, there are other challenges, like finding the time to blog, thinking of new topics, etc. but I feel like those get easier with time.  Trying to sum myself up in a few short paragraphs or lines AND make it interesting?  It hasn't really gotten easier.  Seriously, go check out my "about me" page.  Aside from the cute infographic, it's a little lackluster.
Anyway, that's where you come in, dear readers.  
What do you want to know about a new blogger you stumble upon?  
What do you find interesting about me?  
Why do you read?  
What questions do you have for me?  
Seriously!  What have you always been dying to know?  That burning question, I'll answer it!  Questions about my new diet, motherhood, marriage, my faith, Natural Family Planning, what it's like to live with the parents (I'm working on a whole post on that one), etc., etc., etc.  Nothing's off limits (although I can't guarantee that I'll answer them all in "public" - TMI answers might be emailed directly to you).
I asked for questions on Facebook the other day and Rita had a few for me, so to get the ball rolling, I'll answer those right now:
How long have you been blogging? I've been blogging since October 2010, a few months after I married my sweet husband.  So, 2.5 years now.  Although I don't think I had more than a handful of readers that entire first year.
Does your husband read your blogs? Yes! Sometimes I have to nudge him to do so, but he reads all my posts.  If he's home, I usually have him proofread my posts before I publish them, although I often write posts last minute and don't want to wait for him to edit them first (he edits them as soon as he reads them, but the original typos are forever recorded in readers across the web).
Does he ever give you ideas for topics or feedback? Every once in a while he'll give me ideas for a post.  Recently, he asked me to write one on the First Five Saturdays series, but I think I'll actually get him to write a guest post on it.  He's super supportive of my blogging and tells me when he thinks my posts are great.  Luckily, he doesn't tell me when he thinks they are awful, but he's a bit stingy on the praise, so it makes me feel awesome when he does single out a particular post as exceptional.


  1. Thanks for answering my questions! I love the idea of having your husband write a guest post. I look forward to seeing what questions others have!

  2. I love the about me sections of blogs! In fact, that is what I first peruse through prior to reading a blog; and, if the about me section is dull, I oftentimes will not return.

    I would love to know about Natural Family Planning! My husband and I conceived our first child 1.5 months after we were married (praise the good Lord!), and are due this month. However, for many reasons, we feel as if we need to postpone having another child for some time after this one makes his debut. What advice would you have for someone who wants to incorporate NFP into the postpartum/breastfeeding period? What method works best for you? Any general tips? I would love any and all advice!

  3. What did you and your husband take in College? What college did you attend? Is your husband looking for a job in Colorado or will you look in other states/ countries? When your husband find work in his field will you stay at home with Lucia or will you continue teaching. I've also wondered how you pronounce Lucia (Lu-chi-a) (Lu-sha)?

  4. I love reading the about me section in other people's blogs, but I've avoided writing my own. The task feels overwhelming! I think part of my problem is that my blog lacks focus. I write about marketing, faith, family, technology, and really anything else I feel passionate about in any given moment. This makes it tough to speak to a particular audience. Sure, the marketing crowd might care about what kind of work I've done, but the faith crowd is probably looking for more of a testimony or personal intro. I feel like I'll bore everyone if I try to speak to them all at once.


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